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USPO Wallet by Poketo

I’m back! After a brief period of overwhelming work hours, I wanted to come back with a flash. So when I saw this USPO wallet from Poketo, I was like – ‘I want’. And I do want.

Herzog & de Meuron – 1111 Lincoln Road

Herzog & de Meuron’s recently finished a car park in Miami – it looks so amazing. I love the slight shifts in the floor plates, the varying floor heights, and the way that the columns change in shape and size as they progress through the structure. 1111 Lincoln Road is actually a mixed use building with shops and restaurants on the ground level, more shopping on the fifth floor, and a restaurant on the roof. There also seems to be a residential component, although I’m not sure where exactly that part is – maybe it’s the white building next door that is connected via some walkways? H&dM describe 1111 Lincoln Road as “all muscle without cloth”…

Via Dezeen. All photos are credited to Nelson Garrido – check out his site for more great photos.

The Working Proof: Olivia Jeffries – My Secret Self/At Rest

I am so psyched to release this print, because I think that Olivia Jeffries’ work is amazing. I love the quietness in her work, the fine detail, and the canvas that she makes out of found objects.

Olivia says that she loses herself in a meditative way within the repetitive marks that often characterize her work. While My Secret Self/At Rest is not explicitly about Olivia, she hopes it can be appreciated by all people who enjoy their own company and seek solace in the meditative qualities of purposeful isolation.

15% of the sale of My Secret Self/At Rest will be donated to Transportation Alternatives. Buy the print here and read our interview with Olivia here.

The Big Picture – Eyjafjallajokull

As always, The Big Picture has compiled an amazing group of photos from Volcano Eyjafjaawhat?…The earth never ceases to amaze me. These photos somehow make me think of The Lord of the Rings…I half expect an Orc army to emerge from the smoke.

Sander Mulder – Continue Time Clock

As you probably know from my Horo jewelry line, I’m a sucker for the mechanical parts of machines (clocks, especially). Though these parts are usually hidden, the shapes are so beautiful, and I find that the way that the parts all work together to create the machine is often more amazing than the machine itself.

Sander Mulder’s Continue Time clock pairs the clock down to its most necessary parts – the mechanical gears, and the clock hands. The Continue Time clock was inspired by an accident – their office clock fell off the wall, causing the acrylic cover and the minute and second hands to come off. Sander Mulder was intrigued by the random patterns that the remaining hour pointer created, and the concept for the Continue Time was born.

On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and fully functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours.

The clock was made in a limited edition of 40 pieces + 1 artist proof. Check out the video of the making of the clock below.

Continue Time – kinetic artwork / functional clock from Sander Mulder on Vimeo.

Bandada – Cubeoctahedron

I like Bandada’s Cubeoctahedron line of jewelry – simple and pretty – and I love that their packaging complements the design of their line. Nicely done!

The Vamoose

Beautiful, simple jewelry designs by The Vamoose. Not all of her designs are in her shop, but you can see all of them here.

Via of paper and things.

Tim Wigmore – Pil Pendant Lamp

I like these capsule lights…Tim Wigmore’s Pil Pendant Lamp.

Via Design Milk.

Georg Bohle – Piano Table

Thought this was a cool idea – the combo piano/table by Georg Bohle.

Via Blue Ant Studio.

Phillip Low

I could have sworn that prisms by Phillip Low were paintings, but I think they might actually be photographs, which makes them even better…I love when mediums are blurred.

Via Hey Susy.