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Rob Southcott – Totem Cups

We always stack our tea cups/glasses (who doesn’t?), so I love that Rob Southcott took the idea of stacking and turned it into a design feature for his Totem Cups.

PS – Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but it always bugs me when a shop doesn’t credit the designer. I had to google Totem Cups to find out who had done these.

A Song for the Horse Nation – NMAI

The NMAI is only a few subway stops away and is completely free, so if you are in nyc, check it out. They have an exhibit I am very excited to to visit called A Song for the Horse Nation that features the history and artifacts of the horse in native american culture and practice.

Louise Wright

Sweet illustrations by Louise Wright.

The London Eight

Read about some interesting architectural projects at The London Eight entry on Lebbeus Woods’ blog. The image is from Pascal Bronner’s New Malacovia.

Grove Made iPhone Cases

I want one of these. Joe Mansfield of Engrave Your Book (super gorgeous leather moleskine covers) just released a new set of products called Grove Made – laser engraved bamboo iPhone cases. As always, you can upload your own designs, or you can choose from his artist series, which features a bunch of amazing designers (my favorites are shown above: Leandro Castelao, Option-G, and Jonny Wan). The cases are highly customizable, featuring 3 bamboo colors, 7 aluminum bezel colors, and laser engraving. Yes, please!

Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum by KSP Jurgen Engel Architekten

Above is the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten. I like that the slotted facades continue around the two L-shaped masses and are captured in the interior/central skylit atrium.

via Travel w/ Frank Gehry via Notcot

The Working Proof: Sol Linero – Dreaming About Shoes, Poncho and Lupita

Just launched a sweet new print by Sol Linero over at The Working Proof. Dreaming About Shoes, Poncho and Lupita is a six-color screenprint on Cordenons Insize Chagall 260 gsm acid-free paper. Sol’s work is always colorful, whimsical and narrative. Be sure to check out her website for more of her work.

15% of the sale of this print goes to Médecins Sans Frontières. Buy the print here and read our interview with Sol here.

Vintage Logos

We’re working on a logo for a friend’s business and I came across this link for pages and pages of 1-color vintage logos. How things have changed.

via Eric Carl’s flickr, original print source unknown

Project Squadt

There isn’t much info here about Project Squadt, but the vinyl toys they make are pretty cool. I especially like the smirk, trench, and tie on the guy below, very smart.


Nice light by Commonwealth for MatterMade. This would be a nice alternative to the standard overhead office light.