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Diesel – Successful Living Home

Diesel’s Successful Living Home collection (a name which seems out of place for the Diesel brand, what with their Be Stupid campaign) has finally launched stateside, in NYC, LA and SF. Designed by Foscarini (lighting) and Moroso (furniture), the collection features three themes: Music, Retro and Discovery. There are a bunch of nice pieces, my favorite being the Rock lamp (below left).

Foradacaixa Hand Crank Music Box

I like this funny little Foradacaixa Hand Crank Music Box, designed by Loja de Estar. It’s very simple and sweet. And to make a good thing even better, it plays Valser d’Amelie (from the Amelie soundtrack).

The Working Proof: Frances Pelzman Liscio – Two Dahlias

I’m super excited about the launch of this print – Two Dahlias, by Frances Pelzman Liscio. 15% of each print sold will be donated to Puppies Behind Bars.

Frances composes intricate floral arrangements – often using botanica in various states of bloom and decay – scanning the composition to get the final image. About the print, in Frances’ own words:

“[Two Dahlias] incorporates bits of botanica that I saved until they became dry, curled, and mottled. It also uses fresh blooms– dahlias, kalanchoe, violas, and Christmas Cactus. The two large blooms are fresh, but softening and wilting. The viburnum leaf has already changed color and achieved a burnished look – all the detail and veining becomes more visible, and the oak leaf is quite dry. The bittersweet that crowns the image is an invasive non-native plant, but the berries are beautiful: almost incendiary in their hot coral.

I created this work on an Epson Perfection 4490 Photographic scanner. I originally started xeroxing and scanning images many years ago simply because I could not afford a good 8×10 view camera, and I wanted to get closer up to my images. But I also love the unique quality a good scanner brings to the final image. I do very little to the work once it is created, aside from cleaning up the cat hairs (I have four cats) and the pollen from the finished images. Most of the work is done before the image is scanned, with tweezers and manicure scissors, and the baskets and trays full of botanica and natura that fill my studio.”

Beautiful, yes? The launch of the Two Dahlias edition also coincides with the April 2010 issue of Lucky Magazine just now hitting stands – look for The Working Proof and Frances’ Two Dahlias print on page 44 of the magazine: “Art, Commerce and a Cause”, featured in Lucky’s new “Give Back” section. In celebration, and to thank you for your support since our launch back in October, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders placed now through noon (EST) on Wednesday, March 10th. Thank you for all of your support of The Working Proof!

Buy the print here, and read the rest of our interview with Frances here.

Heath Ceramics – Summer 2010

I really like Heath Ceramics’ newest line of dinnerware – simple, colorful and modern. The new Summer ’10 collection launch coincides with the opening of Heath Ceramics new store opening at San Francisco’s Ferry Building on April 1st.

Bottle Freaker

I thought these knit coozies by Freaker, Inc. were pretty cool. They come in a huge variety of styles, some more classy than others. I think the patterns are the nicest.

Jim Beam Zippo

Hey guess what? It’s Friday! To that end, I wanted to pop this thing up on the blog. I don’t smoke, nor do I drink Jim Beam, but those two things came together very nicely for this Jim Beam Zippo. It looks like it could have belonged to your Grandpa who had it when he was young and foolish like you.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

I meant to post this new video by OK Go yesterday, but the day got crazy and slipped away from me, so here we are! “This Too Shall Pass” is a Rube Goldberg inspired video, with a crazy, crazy contraption that is set in motion as the song plays. It was filmed in a two-story warehouse in Los Angeles (the machine takes up both stories), and was designed and built by OK Go in collaboration with Synn Labs over the course of several months. There is all kinds of awesomeness in the video – the machine just keeps escalating as the video goes on. I think my favorite part might be when the machine smashes the TV playing their “Here We Go Again” video. I wonder how many tries it took to get it right?

I’ve included the more interesting “making of” videos below.

Making of TTSP #1 – OK Go

Making of TTSP #4 – OK Go

The Loggerhead – Jillian Tamaki

I’ve been watching a lot of Blue Planet lately, looking for inspiration in ocean life for our next series of prints. So when I came across The Loggerhead by Jillian Tamaki, I was awed. Check out more of her great and varied work here.

Bodum – Color Collection

I think I will always be a fan of what Bodum puts out. They took a super color turn last year and it continues this year. These remind me of when I was a a little kid. Each member of our family had cups that were color-coded. Mine were orange, my brother’s yellow, my parents’ two shades of red. Except ours were Rubbermaid and you could toss them into the sink without a worry, I don’t think these would pass that test. But they are great anyways.

The Working Proof: Laura Berger – Slip

Newly released: Slip, by Laura Berger, a Chicago-based artist and illustrator. Laura paints beautiful, whimsical vignettes of imagined creatures and worlds. Slip is a digital print of an original painting for a solo show at The Candystore Collective in San Francisco that ran from July through September 2009. Slip is inspired by the idea of life handing you the same lesson repeatedly, just presented in different forms. 15% of each print sold will be donated to 826 National.

Buy the print here and read our interview with Laura here.