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Neverend – Dan Funderburgh

I LOVE this new collaboration between Dan Funderburgh, Kitsune Noir, and Furni. Neverend features a series of limited-edition clocks, and the always-talented Dan designed the first laser-etched edition. Dan’s design features his own spin on the Bavarian cuckoo clock, with old-fashioned sticks of dynamite representing the pendulum, creating a humorous take on a classic style.

A new edition featuring a different designer will be coming out each month. Only 88 of each edition are being produced. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of this collaboration!

4 Responses to “Neverend – Dan Funderburgh”

  1. I love the style.. gothic numbers!

  2. I love this style. So elaborate and classy!

  3. those are pretty sik.

  4. I just love the vintage design in through clocks- so feminine and timeless…