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The Working Proof: Amy Ruppel – This Land Is Your Land

Amy Ruppel is an amazing artist, so I was thrilled when she agreed to do a print for The Working Proof. Amy is based out of Portland, OR, and nature plays a huge part in her artwork. After browsing through the charities that The Working Proof supports, Amy was inspired by American Forests to make a variation of her Home print. This Land Is Your Land features a forest of trees in the shape of the United States, with a small heart accent because she thinks that our nation’s forests are incredible.

15% of the gross sale of this print will be donated to American Forests. Buy the print here and read our interview with Amy here.

3 Responses to “The Working Proof: Amy Ruppel – This Land Is Your Land”

  1. wow!!!! this is amazing!

  2. really nice one!!!

    are you blogging from the beach?

  3. haha…a little bit – but we set up most of our posts before we left! :)