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Suikosha and Michael Sodeau – Anything

The Anything desk accessories series, a collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha, is clean, super simple, and playfully colorful. The desk clock is my favorite, but there are other accessories like scissors, tape dispenser, erasers, and a stapler. Pick them up through A+R.

feinedinge* – Ghost vases

Sandra Haischberger of feinedinge* sent over her very lovely new project – the Ghost vases. Each is made with a piece of vintage lace that is dripped in porcelain and then fired. During the firing process the yarn disappears, leaving just a trace of what it once was, making each piece unique. Lovely!

Takumi – Key Calendar

The Key Calendar by Takumi is an interesting take on the calendar. A small key marks the days you would like, a turn opens or closes the day.

Etcetera Media – Book Box

It would be pretty handy to have one of these Book Boxes by Etcetera Media to gather up all the miscellany around the house.

The Working Proof: Amy Ruppel – This Land Is Your Land

Amy Ruppel is an amazing artist, so I was thrilled when she agreed to do a print for The Working Proof. Amy is based out of Portland, OR, and nature plays a huge part in her artwork. After browsing through the charities that The Working Proof supports, Amy was inspired by American Forests to make a variation of her Home print. This Land Is Your Land features a forest of trees in the shape of the United States, with a small heart accent because she thinks that our nation’s forests are incredible.

15% of the gross sale of this print will be donated to American Forests. Buy the print here and read our interview with Amy here.

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – The Big Picture

The Big Picture never ceases to amaze me with photos of things I can only dream of seeing… for now. The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is an incredible example of larger than life celebration in China. The city of Harbin, in the north of China, creates these immense ice and light sculptures annually and hosts a month long festival. I would love to see it in person, but it looks pretty brick in those photos.

Solenne Morigeaud

Solenne Morigeaud’s Smoke and Mirrors collection is more art than mirror. The mirrors are laser cut, etched and layered, creating illusions of depth. Not so practical, but beautiful, so who cares?

AWS Dyrdek for Wii

Holy crap. I saw this and I had to post it. The AWS board for Wii is the craziest thing I’ve seen all month. But for the cost of a Wii, this deck, and whatever game it goes with, you might as well just buy a AWS Complete and learn to skate for real.

P. Williams

P. Williams sent over a link to his website – I really like his imaginary cardboard cities and characters. The Finishing Touch (below) was a mixed media installation and performance, which resulted in the Godzilla-like destruction of the city by a giant mailbox. Fun!

Sounding The Pacific at The Met

Check out the images of the Sounding The Pacific: Musical Instruments of Oceania, a present exhibit at The Met. At left is a fiddle from Malaysia and at right, a drum from New Guinea. The craftwork is incredible, created by hand with only simple tools.