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Pick A Jewel by Fift

Here’s a piece of jewelry I wish I’d come up with: Pick A Jewel by fift. The earrings and necklace are simply alligator clips that you attach your own precious objects to, to create a piece of jewelry.

We will be taking next tomorrow and all of next week off for the holidays. Thanks so much for reading Sub-Studio over the past year – Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating and a happy new year to all!

Karolin Schnoor – Illustrated Cards

These are sadly sold out, but I love them too much not to post them here – illustrated cards by Karolin Schnoor. Each card can be transformed into a puppet/animal figure. So sweet!

The Working Proof: Lizzy House – Miracle Fish

For our last print of 2010, we are pleased to release Miracle Fish, by Lizzy House. The original Miracle Fish artwork was created as a monotype, and was printed using nearly 400 paper fish that were cut out by hand (that’s a lot of fish!). Lizzy says about the print:

The idea behind the piece is that we each count. No matter what, someone cut each of us out, and whether we are in the background or the forefront, we individually matter. Sometimes we get lost, but no matter what, the value of the fact that you ARE, and that you somehow CAME TO BE, matters. Find yourself and make it count.

15% of the sale of this print goes to Farm Sanctuary. Lizzy chose to pair her print with Farm Sanctuary because of her belief that we as human beings have an obligation and a stewardship to the animals on this earth.

Buy the print here, and read our interview with Lizzy here.

Process image.

Lamy Pico – All White

More fit for a trip to the Enterprise than riding around in the company of your pocket lint, the Lamy Pico now comes in a stylish all-white version.

Chip Paperclip Holder by Alessi

This Alessi magnetic paperclip holder reminded me of the owl from the old Clash of The Titans movie. It’s a lot slicker looking, but still has that kooky bird look to it.

Eva Solo – My Tea teapot

Just in time for wintery weather, the My Tea teapot by Eva Solo will serve as both teapot and integrated cup for a single pot’s use.

Gifts Galore & Cupcakes

If you are in NYC this weekend, stop by Gifts Galore & Cupcakes, a holiday pop-up shop curated by Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel at the International Playground. She’s selling some of my Brevity line (some of the Geometric styles and the new Lines styles), as well as a bunch of other awesome brands, including Laura Lombardi, Thief & Bandit , and Species by the Thousands (all shown below). The opening party is tonight, from 7-9.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Shanghai 5 – Documentary by Charles Lanceplaine

Shanghai 5 is a documentary by Charles Lanceplaine about the scene, people, skate culture, and chinese perception of skaters in Shanghai. It has a good amount of interviews that showed some insight into the difference in perception here vs. there – even how the one child policy influences parents view of skating. Education and professional success are higher priorities, and most parents disapprove and see skating as unproductive, even if it is just a hobby. On the bright side, the spots there look amazing.

via Hypebeast

LTL Architects – Arthouse at the Jones Center

New images for the ARTHOUSE at the Jones Center by LTL Architects. It’s always cool to see that sometimes exactly what gets designed (right) gets built (left).

Jon Rafman – Google Streetview

First off, I don’t know how Jon Rafman finds these particular instances on Google Streetview. It must take a tremendous amount of patience.

Secondly, Google Streetview has caught some interesting moments, huh? I know that there are ways to stage the streetviews, but the most interesting ones are the obviously spontaneous images.

Via Jia Za Zhi.