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Swatch Love Explosion Ring

I can’t tell if I like this Love Explosion Ring or hate it. It’s so gaudy and over-the-top but I think I like it because it’s so super-bling. And it reminds me of rock candy, and who doesn’t like rock candy?

Aimée Wilder

How awesome are these wallpaper designs by Aimée Wilder? I want them all…I love her contemporary take on wall decor. My favorite is the cloud design (above).

Via Freshly Blended.

Alain Gilles – Big Foot Table

Please excuse the limited posting over the last few days – taxes are due for us in the next few days and I’m —– this close to being done getting everything ready for our accountant (note to self: don’t leave this for the last minute next year!).

Anyway, Alain Gilles’ Big Foot Table landed in our inbox a while ago, and I never got around to posting it – the Big Foot Table is “a strong personality, always in movement, always trying to put one foot in front of the other. As if it were walking, each foot stretches to reach further away. Whatever the angles, it always looks strikingly different from one point of view to another, as if you could never really grab it.”

I dig it! Okay…now, back to taxes…

Design for Mankind – Dialogue

Erin from Design for Mankind just launch a great new video series, Dialogue, in which she will be speaking with designers about their work/process/lives. First topic on the list is Balance, which she discusses with Lisa Solomon, Jen Gotch, and Kelly Lynn Jones: “In today’s world of virtual luxuries and overbooked schedules, how do you, as an artist/designer/blogger, hold it all together? What does your work/family/personal life balance look like, and what happens when you drop the ball?” The first video is great and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series as she releases them each week…

Thru-You by Kutiman

Thru-You is an incredible project by Kutiman. He sliced up hundreds of youtube clips of people playing instruments and/or singing into a series of songs. Be sure to watch the about section to see how he did it.

Freud Tools

I thought that these table saw blades from Freud Tools were interesting when looked at together. Each blade caters to a different need based on cut and material type. And if you’ve ever pushed a large piece of wood through a table saw, having the right blade can make a big difference.

Alex Hellum

Alex Hellum is a furniture and product design company based in Hertford, UK, with a great collection of work.

Via Blue Ant Studio.

Ty Evans Nestle Commercial

Here are some video grabs from a Nestle commercial that Ty Evans did with Bob Burnquist. The link is for Ty’s director’s cut, not the tv version. Be sure to check out the how it’s made to see how hard it is to skate in a bowl full of balloons. And check out Epicly Later’d for an interview with Ty himself.

L. Filipe dos Santos – See.Saw

L. Filipe dos Santos makes these gorgeous watercolor drawings – his process is interesting, because he starts by watercoloring shapes and then draws over them as inspired by the watercolors.. Very Rorschach-like, though I have to wonder if he had some idea of what he wanted to draw before hand…

Via Freshly Blended.

Poketo – 5 Minute Candles

How awesome are these 5 Minute Candles by Poketo? They are designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, but contain ten small candles. And at 4 books for $6, they’re pretty affordable…