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Organika – Sacred Geometries

Sacred Geometry decks by Organika have some slickness to them. And I am always a sucker for CMYK graphics. And if you’re too young to know who Karl Watson is, I suggest you check out his videos and hope some day you’ve got a tenth of his style.

Naughtone – Hush Chair

Naughtone’s newly launched Hush Chair is a pretty awesome take on the classic arm chair. The Hush has a molded plywood frame, and is padded with CMHR foam and then upholstered.

Via Design Milk.

Sycamore Street Press – Davis Ngarupe

Check out the latest print from Sycamore Street Press. Illustrated by Davis Ngarupe and printed by Sycamore Street Press, the print features an illustration of a Deutsche Polizei van. I love how the illustration takes advantage of letterpress with all of the fine lines.

Judith Seng

Judith Seng’s wood stools are a beautiful juxtaposition of natural and fabricated. Made from a rough piece of wood that is sanded and shop-sprayed on top, the fabricated begins to devolve into its natural state as you move towards the base.

Via MoCo Loco – images by Jaime Kopke.

Kiddimoto Balance Bikes

Every once in a while I see one of those wooden balance bikes that toddlers use to learn how to balance on a bike before they move up to one with pedals. It seems like a really smart idea and when we have kids, they will definitely have one. But why have a plain old boring unfinished wood bike? Part of being a kid is pretending you are using something way out of your league – like a knight rider big wheel.

Kiddimoto makes wooden balance bikes in all sorts of styles – superbikes, choppers, scooters, and scramblers. They are real moto fans it shows in the products. Check out the different shapes, they will make you smile if you imagine yourself as a kid riding them around in the driveway.

Roost – Puzzle Serving Board

Very cool Puzzle Serving Board by Roost. The pieces interlock to create a large serving platter, and can also be separated into individual serving pieces. The board is made from Acacia wood and finished with mineral oil.

Via Swissmiss.

Studio Note – f,l,o,w,e,r,s

Spotted over at Spoon Tamago – the most gorgeous ruler I have ever seen! f,l,o,w,e,r,s – designed by Studio Note. The ruler is made of acrylic embedded with dried flowers placed one centimeter apart. Want. If only it weren’t $189.

Design Academy Eindhoven and Leolux

Not much information to be found online about this project but the students at Design Academy Eindhoven have come up with some gorgeous pieces of furniture for Leolux. The projects are on exhibition from September 26 – October 4 at Woonbeurs in Amsterdam.

Via designboom.

John Green – Embrace Table

John Green’s Embrace table is gorgeous! Sleek lines and a multi-functional design. It incorporates storage, seating and a possible side table. It’s available in a variety of materials, including cherry veneered plywood and glacier white corian. The packaging is pretty awesome, too.

Via Notcot.

Cristina Guitian – Art in Industry

Cristina Guitian sent over a working image of her “Knot of Arms” installation for the Art in Industry exhibition at the Shunt Lounge in the basement of London Bridge. She’s promised to send more images soon, but until then I will have to satisfy myself with her installation from last year – “Eating Stories”. Both pieces are part mural/part sculpture. You can check the exhibition out until the 26th (tomorrow! so get on it!).