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Thank You, Erin!

Hey guys! We’re not actually back in New York quite yet (we’ll be back late on Wednesday), but we’ll be posting through this week regardless. I hope you enjoyed Erin’s posts as much as I did – I’ve loved her round-ups and you know we love color coding things (remember our gift guides from this last year?)…So, huge thanks to Erin of Design for Mankind for enabling us have a great time on vacation and for being such a great guest blogger! If you don’t already read DFM – I highly recommend putting it on your daily list!

We’ve been having a great time here in Seattle – my brother got married in the same place that Sean and I did two years ago, and then we went on a three day hike up in the Cascades with my family (ranging in age from 7 to 80!)…Since then, we’ve been wandering around Seattle and enjoying the beautiful weather! It’s been a great way to bring the summer to a close (is it really almost September?)…Hope you all have had a great summer, too! See you on Monday…Here are a few photos from our hike…Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Thank You, Erin!”

  1. thank YOU! i loooove it here! :)

  2. sounds like a great trip! those pictures are gorgeous!

  3. thanks, deb! it's been so much fun! not looking forward so much to getting back to reality…:)

  4. wow! looks like an amazing hike!!! I thought Seattle is so beautiful too…with all those houses by the water and so much green! Now I want to go on this hike :) :)

  5. Ohh you're making me oh so homesick! Lovely photos, I wish I was hiking there right now.

  6. the hike was gorgeous…we need to find some good hiking spots outside nyc!

  7. wow! too much fun. The photos are incredible!

  8. Could you tell me where this is what trial??? so I can go there? jrichman at asu.edu