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Surtido IKEA Project

Yonoh sent over their latest project, a lamp made out of IKEA parts for Surtido. The premise behind Surtido de Mutaciones is pretty interesting…Basically that IKEA is actually a supplier of raw materials, rather than of finished products. They challenged 35 designers to go to IKEA and to come up with new products that used existing IKEA parts. Everything used in their products had to come from IKEA, including screws, seats, screens, etc.

Prior to the assembly of all of the projects.

Marc Ligos.

Yonoh and Enblanc.

Sandra Bautista (left) and Mar Llinés.

3 Responses to “Surtido IKEA Project”

  1. This is great, it's fun to see something fringe and Off Off B'way theatres have been doing for years embraced in a broader market, especially since IKEA is using so much raw wood now

  2. i love the idea of using anything for parts, and remaking things out of ikea parts is genius.

  3. Is it really that hard to come up with creative ideas these days?