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Help Shop

Packaging by Little Fury for Help Shop. The packaging defines the problem and provides a fun, portable solution.

Via Lovely Package.

Outpost by OSKA

The Outpost, by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen, is a place for art sited in the sparse setting of central Idaho. At first, I thought the relationship of the house to its site was odd. The exterior is bare CMU block with just the few penetrations for glass. And the long and high garden wall separates a tree colonnade from the principal site, even though there is not a lot to separate from in the area.

Then the photographs draw you inside the house, and the connection to the landscape becomes more clear. The large glass on the elevated level provides expansive views of the low and open landscape. The tree garden, surrounded and separated by the high wall, is place-less and retains no connection to the infertile site. As much as the exterior has a nice form, to me the project is about the experience of seeing one’s connection and disconnection from the site. This quality makes a perfect place to be quieted for the creation of art.

Follow Friday – Yellow Goat

Follow Friday time! Yellow Goat is a jewelry designer based in Hong Kong. She has some clever designs – Her Today is…Bangle was inspired by her husband’s forgetfulness, who apparently has trouble remembering what day of the week it is (I can relate). She designed this bangle for other similarly absentminded people, so that you can be easily reminded of what day of the week is – assuming you remember to change the day of the week on a daily basis! Her Gentlemen Shirt Bangle was inspired by the tuxedo shirt her husband wore to their wedding. Cute designs!

Follow Friday is a weekly post featuring the great designs/artwork of some of our Twitter followers.

Scott Balmer

As promised, here are some my favorites from Scott Balmer’s illustration portfolio. These are all promotional pieces. I love how playful and childlike they are.

Nike+ Sportband

The new Nike+ Sportband has a lot of potential to bring training for regular people to a new level of sophistication. Combined with the in-shoe tracker and, of course, a pair of Nike+ shoes, the sportband tracks and cues training intervals and distances. You bring it home and upload the information onto your own nike+ training website where you can track your progress as well as compete with friends and communities.

Follow the Leader – Scott Balmer

I love this illustration for Follow the Leader by Scott Balmer“Wow, a Penny”. I love his use of color and the little frog jumping out of the jar. I never would have imagined taking the seed drawing in this direction, which is why I’m enjoying this project so much – it’s so great to see what the seeds inspire from other artists.

Below is another submission by Scott – “There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky”.

Scott is a freelance illustrator who has worked with clients such as The Guardian, Inc. Magazine, and Business Week. He has a great portfolio of work – check it out here! My favorites are his promo pieces. Check out a feature on them tomorrow…

Publique Living Popmat Paper Placemats

Fun little paper placemats by Publique, inspired by children’s pop-up books.

Follow the Leader – Hannah Karl

Follow the Leader is shaping up nicely – thanks very much to all of you who have submitted illustrations! I’m actually a bit behind in posting them and need to get some sort of gallery up and running soon to properly showcase all of the work.

The drawing above is from Hannah Karl.

Oh – and big thanks to Pikaland and Deep Fried Creative for featuring Follow the Leader. See all of the illustrations here.

Coin Catalogs

I came across these coin rubbings while looking for textures/artifacts on google via coincoin.com. The site is a huge repository of information on old coins and money from around the world from all eras. The old book scans are beautiful in their content and simplicity. Some of the catalogs, like the chinese coins above, are actually from coin rubbings and not photographs or line drawings. Find out more about how the US Mint does their thing here.

Urban Outfitters and Republic Bikes

I like the mass-customization process that Urban Outfitters put together with Republic Bikes. I picked out my colorway up top. I cannot vouch for the quality of the components, but $400 bucks is still a fair amount of money, so it’s no beater. Unfortunately, you can’t customize every little nut and bolt, but the options are enough to get you going on your way to customizing a bike and perhaps a primer for becoming some sort of gearhead. I am sure bike snobs out there are turning up their noses, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I think it’s a great idea and I would get one if it weren’t for the problem of finding space in our shoebox of a nyc apartment to store a pair of them.

via Nylon.