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Follow Friday – Kate Slater

Follow Friday! Kate Slater is a freelance illustrator based out of London. Kate’s work centers primarily around collage, paper cut-outs and wire, which she uses to create suspended, relief illustrations. I love her sketches, too (above). See more of Kate’s work here.

Have a great weekend!

Follow Friday is a weekly post featuring the great designs/artwork of some of our Twitter followers.

Follow the Leader – Antje Drescher

Antje Drescher’s trio of illustrations for Follow the Leader are some of my favorite yet. They are both clever and sweet. I love the girl cutting out life size paper doll clothes for herself. Antje is a German illustrator, and since her website is in German, I can’t tell you too much about her work, other than that she’s done some really great illustrations! Check out her portfolio here.

Guys, I’ve been so blown away by the response to Follow the Leader. It’s so amazing to see what you’ve come up with – I get super excited every time we get a submission email. Thanks so much for your support and participation!

Habitat Skateboards Footwear

I am pretty much down for anything that Habitat does. They are releasing a line of footwear built around their am team. And while it isn’t fully published on the interwebs, you can find the info on message boards and the like. People talk crap because they are now under the Burton umbrella, but it lets them do some good stuff. I like the shoes, nothing crazy – the Quest is similar to a lowtop chukka and the Lark is similar to the Herman 2′s. I am interested in checking out the outsole construction – supposed to be somewhere between a cupsole and vulcanized for lots of feel but no wear-in. I hope they do well.

Gad Charny – Mutants

This is a pretty awesome project by Gad Charny. His Mutants exhibition takes plastic kids toys and transforms them into hybrid mutants. If you’re in Tel Aviv, stop by the Artists’ House Gallery, from now until August 17th.

Via designboom.

Follow the Leader – My Zoetrope

Check out these fun new submissions to Follow the Leader by Michelle Cavigliano, aka My Zoetrope! I especially like the top one – Escape from Jar. Check out Michelle’s shop for more illustrations.

Surtido IKEA Project

Yonoh sent over their latest project, a lamp made out of IKEA parts for Surtido. The premise behind Surtido de Mutaciones is pretty interesting…Basically that IKEA is actually a supplier of raw materials, rather than of finished products. They challenged 35 designers to go to IKEA and to come up with new products that used existing IKEA parts. Everything used in their products had to come from IKEA, including screws, seats, screens, etc.

Prior to the assembly of all of the projects.

Marc Ligos.

Yonoh and Enblanc.

Sandra Bautista (left) and Mar Llinés.

Expo 2010 Pavilions

Expo 2010, held in Shanghai, is racing towards being ready for the opening ceremonies. Countries are invited to build pavilions to showcase their cultural character toward the central theme of the Expo: Better City, Better Life. Above is the UK pavilion, with its fiberoptic ‘needles’ that light the pavilion and site. Below is the China pavilion. Called the ‘Crown of the East’, it draws from ancient building types but modern materials and methods.

Take a look around the Expo 2010 site for more pavilion designs. Honestly, some of them are quite terrible, but some are worth a look.

Follow the Leader – Lauren Gentry

A new Follow the Leader submission from Lauren Gentry! She rotated the seed drawing 180 degrees and came up with this very lovely inventor man.

Joseph Joseph – Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Fun, colorful measuring spoons by Joseph Joseph with a dual purpose – refrigerator magnets!

The teaspoon and tablespoon measures each contain a 1/2-measure fill line and magnets within the handle make it easy to attach to a fridge or any metal surface. Not only are they always within reach, but they also make ideal memo holders.

Via Blue Ant Studio.

Alphabet Cities

It’s interesting how two people can have different ideas about a city and formalize them in two different ways, but still have (almost) the same name. Another nice similarity is that they are both self-published works. Above is Tobias Frere-Jones’s project Alphabet City and below is the cover and a page from Steven Holl’s Pamphlet Architecture #5: Alphabetical City. The first observes the typographic range of the city’s old storefronts and signage, while the latter observes the city’s plan typologies.

Alphabet City via Noisy Decent Graphics.