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Renegade Craft Fair – Chez Sucre Chez & Something’s Hiding in Here

I braved the heat yesterday to go and check out Renegade Craft Fair – it was sweltering, but because it was in McCarren park this year instead of in the pool, it was so much more bearable…But, enough of my complaining…I thought that RCF was pretty decent this year. I was going to post all of my finds in this one post, but rather than make you scroll forever, I’ll split it all up over the next few days.

Embroidery was definitely a predominate theme this year, and one of my favorites was Chez Sucre Chez, who had a nice range of work on display. Also – check out the little denture soaps. Funny!

Also always a pleasure – Something’s Hiding in Here, who always put so much thought into their presentation. They just came out with a new chalkboard calendar, which I think is genius!

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  1. Sometimes, there's just too much creativity in the world and I end up getting overwhelmed by it all. I imagine the RCF was probably like that.