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Binth and Delicious Design League

The face cards from a deck served as the inspiration for both of the prints above. On the left is The Queen of Clubs, by Binth. And on the right is a Mogwai Poster by Delicious Design League.

I got to meet Peter Dunham of Binth at the NSS this year, and they are doing some beautiful work. I hope to see more prints from them soon. DDL via OMG Posters.

2 Responses to “Binth and Delicious Design League”

  1. oh those binth prints are SO beautiful. SWOOOOOON.

  2. I love anything remotely resembling or inspired by playing cards…..I’m obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, and playing cards always put me in mind of Alice :)
    Great blog, I might add! So many great ideas!