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Design for Mankind – Dialogue

Erin from Design for Mankind just launch a great new video series, Dialogue, in which she will be speaking with designers about their work/process/lives. First topic on the list is Balance, which she discusses with Lisa Solomon, Jen Gotch, and Kelly Lynn Jones: “In today’s world of virtual luxuries and overbooked schedules, how do you, as an artist/designer/blogger, hold it all together? What does your work/family/personal life balance look like, and what happens when you drop the ball?” The first video is great and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series as she releases them each week…

2 Responses to “Design for Mankind – Dialogue”

  1. oh anna, thank you so much for this link! i’m so excited about the new project! :)

  2. great series….It’s a daily struggle to balance everything. It’s interesting to hear how others do it!