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New Skateboard Graphics Book

New Skateboard Graphics by J. Namdev Hardisty compiles some of the best graphics of the last 10 years or so into one place. It also features interviews with artist and company types.

via The Art Dump Blog

Nervous System

As always, Nervous System is on the cutting edge with their new 3-D Radiolaria rings, which they will be premiering at ICFF this year. These images are of prototypes that they had printed using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) by Shapeways to test out the material strength, size, and feasibility. I think they’re pretty gorgeous!

Intuos 4

Wacom recently released the Intuos4 and it is H-O-T. The 2x more sensitive pen, speed dial and nib cup are big deals for me. This is certainly a big step up from the Intuos3 that I have on my desk. I highly recommend it if you do a lot of graphics on the computer. I love using it for some of our illustration/printmaking work.

Spank by Alessi

As an American, I have never really given much thought to carpet beaters. I think you need a balcony, a busy street of motorinos, and an old nonna to warrant a carpet beater. But I would buy the Spank from Alessi if I had any of those things. But hanging a carpet off a fire escape just doesn’t have the same air to it.

Blackbird, Fly by Powershovel

The Blackbird,Fly is a 35mm twin reflex camera by PowerShovel/Superheadz of Japan. Powershovel designs toy cameras, these are not reproduced from some old Soviet plans or found in a warehouse somewhere. You can pickup one of these toy cameras in various specialty shops around the US or by mailorder. It takes pretty cool pictures, a BBF Flickr Group has a lot of examples of the results. I love that it uses regular old 35mm film and the exposure frame overlaps the sprockets.

And Four Corners Dark has an interview with Hideki Ohmori of Powershovel: part 1 and part 2.

Future Perfect – Hue Are You?

As promised, here are some of my favorite items from the Hue Are You? show at the Future Perfect in Brooklyn. My absolute favorite is Timothy Liles’ Crayon Rings – I want those BAD(ly?). I love how playful and fun they are. Also very cool are Stanley Ruiz’s Drawing Tools – crayons cast in the shape of twigs, Annie Lenon’s Ceremony Necklaces, and Ben Light’s Mobile Homes. The show is up until April 30th, so those of you in the New York area should stop by while you can!

Charley Harper

Above are two re-issued posters for the Coral Reef and Isle Royale for the National Park Service, designed by Charley Harper. I love the crazy density and geometries of the drawings and how all the shapes both confront and blend into each other. And the colors are incredible.

Girl Skateboards

New boards from Girl Skateboards in Wallride #17. The old school decks caught me off guard, I thought they were real for a second. Worthy of hanging on a wall somewhere, maybe your house?

Boba Fett Transformer

I am not exactly sure what to make of this Boba Fett Transformer by Hasbro. I think the Slave 1 was one of the most innovative starship designs in the Star Wars universe. Little did I know that it could transform into a gigantic robot in the same form as its pilot… So meta.

Cyan Nylon Messenger by Incase

I am really liking the color of the Cyan Nylon Messenger by Incase. They do it right over there. The cam buckle on the strap and the zippered pocket on the flap are both smart touches. And the tapered/seated buckles are nicely done too.