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Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a photographer who has visited a part of the world that I love – the Indian subcontinent. Some of my favorite photographs are from his 2007 trip to the Langtang region of Nepal, where he photographed the Tamang people and some of their ceremonies. From his website:

“I wander around the world through dusty roads of small villages, winding mountain paths and narrow lanes of ancient towns. I search for people whose faces, bodies, clothes, adornments, beliefs and occupations say as much about who they were as who they presently are. But one day a child, wearing a baseball cap and a unisex ‘made in China’ t-shirt questions his or her parents’ way of life and this signals the change of an era. Generations will pass, cultures will die out and an identity of a people will transform beyond recognition. The photographic image will become a testament, a reminder of the way things were and the way they will never be again. To me this is the essence of photography. I want to embrace the beauty of that which is disappearing and in a sense immortalize it in my photographs.”

More photographs from his travels can be found here, and a blog chronicles his travels here.

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2 Responses to “Mitchell Kanashkevich”

  1. those photos and that girl with a baby are gorgeous. such beautiful people. love this post.

  2. they really are beautiful…and their cultural heritage seems very rich, as well…