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Ruthie Designs

Kimberly R. Collignon is a an artist from Buffalo, NY, who makes quirky, affordable prints under the alias of Ruthie Designs. I like her Owl “on the Rocks” print series, which comes in a variety of colors.


Yonoh recently released the Clo chair – inspired by the Japanese tradition of Jomon pottery – an ancient construction technique where ropes are used to decorate the surface of objects.

Also very lovely is their Boozo collection – a series of tables and seats with minimalist curves and lines. I especially like their take on getting the chairs off of the floor (reminds me of turning the chairs upside down when I was a schoolkid) – the straight line of the arm rest allows you to tuck the chair into the table.

The Matix Tangram

Matix recently employed the tangram as the central animated figure of a series of commercials. The difference is that their tangram is huge and skatable. Check out just how much work went into making the commercials below and an interview with the man-with-the-plan, Colin Kennedy.

Commercial 1 of 2:

Part One (mostly planning stuff):

Part Two (more fun, mostly skating):

Brevity – Wave pendant series

I’m excited to share three new additions to the Black & Silver line of Brevity – the Wave pendant series. Inspired by Japanese illustrations, the pendants are simple in shape and geometry. There are three necklaces in the series so far – Wave, Lantern and Spade (L to R).

Samantha Hahn – the Love book

The very talented Samantha Hahn just released her Valentine’s Day project and collaboration with 25 great artists – the Love book. The 40-page art book revolves around the theme of “love” and showcases artwork from Hannah Stouffer, Lilly Piri, Aaron Hogg (above right), Dan Funderburgh, Samantha Hahn (above left), and Jessica Gonacha, to name just a few. A few excerpts from Love below:

Yasmine Surovec and Shira Sela.

Jesse Breytenbach.


Hannah Stouffer.

MVRDV Rødovre Skyvillage

I am much more fond of the Rødovre Skyvillage by MVRDV than the much published OMA E22nd St. tower. Why?

While there are a few similarities, mostly form, the MVRDV tower actually addresses the implications of site, program and light/air of the subtraction-addition process of moving units from ground to sky. Public spaces like communal squares, gardens and mini parks fill in the spaces vacated by the relocated units. The skyward units push out to address the view of downtown Copenhagen, and the stacking allows for a number of terraces for the living units.

While the OMA tower is interesting in its form: tall, slender, sexy, $$$ (a model). The MVRDV tower is more rigorous, layered and interesting (a hot scientist perhaps). By exploiting stacking to frame and re-frame space, the tower constantly varies the experience of the tower and the site. I appreciate the form-as-game process and hope to see the completed project soon.

Facundo Poj

Facundo Poj sent over his sculptural bamboo collection of furniture, all of which are made out of Plyboo for its strength, durability, aesthetics and green properties. None of his pieces use screws or nails – all layers are glued with a non-toxic glue, threaded together with oak dowels and clamp pressed.

ideas column – embroidery

Look left for a new Ideas Column featuring lots of contemporary embroidery, cross-stitching and other thread-related products. We love suggestions, so send them on over if you have any! The above are from Emma Smart’s great Greetings series.

Thank you!

Hi all – I’m back in NYC after spending a week and a half in Yakima, WA…Thank you so much for all of the kind emails and comments – I really appreciated it. My beloved grandmother passed away on the 15th and while I didn’t get to Yakima in time to see her before she died, I spent a great week with my grandfather and my extended family, celebrating her life and mourning her loss. Thanks again for your support – it was so nice to feel the community behind this blog…

Time to update the Idea’s Column…

Leica M8.2 Special Edition “Safari”

The Leica M8.2 Special Edition “Safari” looks pretty slick. I have never had the privilege to own a Leica, but someday I hope to join the club. They’re just so well-designed for what they do: durable, compact, unassuming. The green fatigue color is the only thing that really sets it apart from the standard M8.2. I wonder about why a 28mm lens would be for the wild safari types, you would have to get pretty close to the animals, wouldn’t you?