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Nendo – Socket-deer

It’s hard to innovate on the electrical outlet, but Nendo’s Socket-deer does just that. The antlers on the outlet cover will hold your phone as you charge it, or you can hang keys (or some other light object) from them. Nendo used a tough urethane rubber to cover the antlers, protecting your Precious from scratches, while holding them tight. Love this idea, though I wouldn’t recommend the Socket-deer for households with young children, though!

Via Swiss-Miss.

5 Responses to “Nendo – Socket-deer”

  1. These are really cool. Great blog!

  2. i need this! i’ve tried the felt shelves that stick to the switch plate, but those don’t hold.

  3. Yes but where do I get one? Any ideas?

  4. Exactly. I would have ordered one if the site had info on how to do so.

    I don’t think they would pose any danger to my blind beagle, would they?

  5. Hmm, can’t promise that the Beagle would survive a fight with the Socket-Deer…

    I emailed Nendo to ask about purchasing info…I’ll update the post as soon as I hear back!