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Tai Design – Icosahedron

Tai Design made this triangulated set of salt and pepper shakers, inspired by the icosahedron.

Charles Pictet Architecte

Charles Pictet Architecte designed this house in Frontenex, France as an addition to an original building. I love how the new structure is visually integrated into the old through the use of concrete.

Personally, the interiors are a little too stark for me to imagine living in them, but it is a beautiful project!

Via Arch Daily.

Uni-ball Kuru Toga Pencil

If you use mechanical pencils a lot, you know that the wearing down of the lead on one side is a pain. No one ever uses the pencil straight up and down (as it was intended for drafting), so you get a line that is bigger than the true cross-section of the lead. The Kuru Toga from Uni-ball solves the lead wear problem by slightly rotating the lead when the pencil is brought to paper. This distributes the wear over the section, resulting in a consistent fine point. Pretty cool, and a smart solution to a very common problem.

via Lines and Colors.

Bomba Energy

Nice packaging for Bomba Energy by Valentine Associates. From the website:

New Austrian energy drink Bomba needed a unique packaging solution to launch in Australia’s competitive marketplace. The packaging needed to attract a young, fashion conscious market while conveying the product’s natural energetic qualities.

Via Dieline.

Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean Vol. 1

Anna got me a copy of Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean Vol. 1 for Christmas and I have to say that it is incredible to flip through. I especially like the small glimpse into his process for each cover through the sketches and working drawings. Even if you don’t read Fables, the covers book is worth picking up for its artistic merit alone.

See what James is up to at his blog.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Watch

Um…for those of you with a very deep pocket book and ridiculous tastes – I present the Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Watch, with a pretty price tag of $400,000.

This unique timepiece is entirely built vertically. The system of wheels, pinions and drums is visible, elegantly mixing the silver and gilded surfaces of brass, steel, nickel or aluminum, enhanced by a case in brushed titanium, in gold or platinum, and for certain models, in gold set with diamonds.

Via Gizmodo.

Love and Peace

Greetings All,

Thanks to all our readers for a great 2008! We’ll be taking a few days off for Christmas (back on the 29th). It has been a banner year for us and we hope to keep it going in 2009. We want to know what you think, so comment with your thoughts, suggestions and requests too. Thanks for all your support and we hope you enjoy the holidays!

In the spirit of the Pioneer Plaques, we want you to remember that we are all together here on Earth, so love your neighbors and even your strangers too. This coming year we urge all our readers to find an inspiring charity and to give generously of your time, money and talent.

Love and Peace,
Anna + Sean.

The Pioneer Plaque

How would you communicate with a being with whom you did not share any common knowledge? The Pioneer plaque attempts to do just that. Engraved on panels of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft launched in 1972 and 1973 respectively, the plaques attempt to describe humans, our solar system and our place in the universe using images and mathematical calculations. Sagan, Drake and Haogland assumed the plaque could be decoded by an intelligent alien civilization that happened across the probes during their infinite journey through the space beyond our solar system after their missions to observe Jupiter and Saturn.

Ting London – Recycled Leather Belt Floor Tiles

Saw these recycled leather belt floor tiles by Ting London over at Haute*Nature. Assuming the tiles can withstand traffic, they would make for a gorgeous and interesting floor! The tiles super expensive, though – running at $75 a square foot.

Andy Mangold

Andy Mangold created two type specimen books for the typeface Clarendon. The covers were made from Cocobolo and Bloodwood samples, which were then laser etched and coptic bound with waxed linen thread.

Also by Andy – the Insomnia pillow – a glow-in-the-dark screen printed pillowcase that creates insomnia by lighting up the pillow.

Via the Strange Attractor.