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Pixel Wedding

Pardon me for posting about a wedding on Sub-Studio, but I couldn’t help myself – the design behind Cabel and Nicole’s wedding is pretty amazing. Inspired by retro 8-bit illustrations, they opted to letterpress their design of a tree with pixel flowers – including debossed pixelated self-portraits. On the backside of the invite, the letterpressed figures show through the paper to create slightly embossed figures underneath the tree.

Custom stamps from Zazzle, custom-made chocolate favors from Deco-Cho.

A pixel flower cake and pixel-like flower petals.

Cabel and Nicole custom laser-etched some Moleskines as gifts for their wedding party.

So there you have it! The coolest wedding I’ve seen in a while…

Via Notcot.

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  1. thank you for sharing this!! these people are my heroes. letterpress. pixelation. PHOTOBOOTH. inside “secret” engraving on the ring. it’s like their reading my mind on what i want for my own wedding.

  2. this is great, it’s nice to see something that is fresh and isn’t just another rehash of the latest popular design.

  3. This is looking so good

    Maui Weddings

  4. This is great, looks fresh and new!

  5. Your blog is so nice.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks! :)

  7. This is really cool! I really like it and Thanks for sharing. I really like the wedding favors :)