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1800 Tequila Competition

1800 Tequila sent us Glen Barr’s bottle from their Essential Artists campaign – a line of limited edition bottles featuring the artwork of nine artists – Dosa Kim, Glenn Barr, Artillery, Chris Dean, Jorge Alderete, Josh Ellingson, Hannah Stouffer, Jeremy Bacharach, and Urban Medium. There are 1800 of each Essential Artist bottle. The bottles can be purchased for $35 (I couldn’t find a website that listed images and artists, sorry!) and are already showing up on ebay for upwards of $60…!

One nice detail to the bottles – the bottle top becomes a shot glass.

1800 is looking for the next essential artist, via an online competition. The prize is $10,000, plus the opportunity to be featured in a national advertising campaign. We know that there are lots of creative types reading the Sub-Studio Design Blog, so design something pretty and upload it here. It’s a simple submission process, and you can submit up to five designs. Even if you don’t win, you can purchase a bottle with your design for $225. The contest ends in mid-December, so get on it! We took a stab at a design ourselves – Tequila con Vibora! You can vote for our design via the widget below…

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  1. awesome!!!!!!

  2. ok…I just entered…

  3. nice! what’s the link to your illustration?