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Gwendolyn Huskens’ Medic Esthetic

Designboom featured Gwendolyn Huskens amazing Medic Esthetic footwear project. Gwendolyn is a student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and her project toys with the taboos of physical deformities in our society – creating some very lovely shoes made out from medical supplies, such as synthetic plaster, bandages, stainless steel and band-aids.

Photos via Marzellluz.

2 Responses to “Gwendolyn Huskens’ Medic Esthetic”

  1. The shoes image bottom left are a rip-off. Marloes ten Bhomer invented a leather mache technique back in 2003! http://www.lucymackintosh.ch/archives.php?id=47&image_id=626

  2. Oh my god. This just mixed my two favorite things; sexy medical stuff and shoes.

    Where can I buy some???!!!

    God I wish they weren't just singular projects! :(