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Anne Morgan Digital Safe-Keep

Anne Morgan sent over images a while back of her amazing jewelry line “Digital Safe-Keeps” – jewelry with integrated USB drives. She likens them to modern day lockets that allow the user to keep their dearest memories, photographs, songs and videos on them at all times. A very personal story motivated the jewelry line:

“The only thing I want to leave to my children is the memory of my first-born child. Lucia was born on September 6th, 2003, and died 8 days later. All the photographs we possess, and the songs written for her by her Dad, are on the USB memory stick, that is contained inside the ring. Our lives have moved on with another daughter born 15 months on. It is difficult to bring Lucia’s name into everyday life. This ring allows her life to be marked and celebrated. She will not be forgotten from one generation to the next.”

Oxo Pop-Up Strainer

The Oxo Pop-Up Steamer looks like it should be a communication dish detached from a Mars probe. Instead, you put veggies in it. A pull on the handle expands the fins from storage position to create more cooking surface.

Sandra Backlund

Hello, hello! This is a special post for me, because it’s my first day of self-employment! We decided it was time for me to move on from my architecture job in order to focus on Sub-Studio full time. We’re very excited to see how things progress and are looking forward to spending some quality time on new projects!

Anyway, back to the blog: Sandra Backlund is a Swedish fashion designer whose work is more wearable art than every day fashion. I love Sandra’s use of unusual materials (clothes pins?!) and the way that her knitted textiles are taken to the next level by becoming larger, rope-like pieces that are woven together to make the whole.

Itchy and Scratchy : “Presidential Politics”

If you have never seen McFarlane Toys, then you may not know that they are really more like small sculptures than toys. This one: Itchy and Scratchy: Presidential Politics” takes a scene from The Simpson’s Movie and brings it to your desk. They look too nice to play with, but I might not be able to help myself from flinging them across the room at each other.

Nike Lava Dome CI

I love my pair of Lava Dome’s and Nike recently released the Lava Dome CI with considered edition details and construction methods – recycled materials, local sourcing, etc.

Kechenyi Camille – Eco-Cook

The Eco-Cook is Kechenyi Camille’s entry to Designboom’s “Dining in 2015″ competition. I like the simplicity of the design and the idea of using the same water to cook two different foods. I wonder, though, if the pasta tastes like string beans?

Via Notcot.

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is not your typical graphic novel. There are no crazy action sequences, aliens, femme fatales, or any of the standard comic book fare. Instead the book has a genuine take on growing up asian-american with a twist of fate and history. The book weaves the stories of its three separate protagonists together in their fates and purposes. It was a great (albeit short) read and it has won a ton of awards. Teachers have even adopted it as a tool to help teach young adults about multiculturalism. I highly recommend it.

American Born Chinese at Amazon

Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan is an amazing young artist – I love the contrast between the charcoal and the acrylic in her work. There is an interesting dialog between the humans and the animals in her drawings – between who is dominant and who is submissive.

Via the Shiny Squirrel.

Tom Ferrero

Tom Ferrero is an old friend and jewelry designer/metalsmith. The set of New Zeland Journal Rings captures objects and narratives within the jewelry. Each piece contains the record of an item and its found location, but only through story-telling is the narrative of the individual piece and the collection revealed.

Artoyz – Elements Prologue Set

Artoyz sent over their latest toy line (to be released on June 26th) – the Elements Prologue Set. I love that it is just a simple shape and a color that clues us in to which element each toy is (Fire, Water, Air, Earth). My favorite is Fire.