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Bee in the Morning Dew

I’m not sure who took this photo originally (if you know, please email me!), but it is amazing! The colors and the refraction of the eyes in the water…gorgeous, gorgeous photo of a bee in the morning dew.

UPDATE: Thanks to Max for digging up the photographer – it is Martin Amm, who describes it as a portrait of a red veined darter, full of dew. Lovely.

Via Kussyi.

Craftsman Compucarve

The Craftsman Compucarve is a toolbench-sized computer controlled milling machine. At $1800, it is pretty affordable. The milling software lets you select from premade patterns or draft new 3d patterns yourself. Watch the video of it in action here.

Rebecca Walker Stern

Pretty jewelry by Rebecca Walker Stern of Bullfrog Studios, influenced by natural and topographic forms.

Darth Vader Balloon

Created by Lambert Benoit with Lucasfilm and Cameron Balloons, the Darth Vader Balloon shows us that hot air balloons don’t always have to be all flowers and rainbows. If I am to travel in style, I prefer the overscaled and disembodied head of a Sith lord.

Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert sent over his latest project – the Cast Desk Tidy, made for Welmade products. The Desk Tidy is made to fit a selection of pens, pins, rulers and pencils, “encouraging a thoughtful process of pencil selection and stationary display rather than the conventional ‘throw it all in a pot approach’.”

Eazy Dolly

Eazy Dolly is a new creation from Jason Hernandez & Dad who are building on the skater diy mentality. Hernandez is one of the principal filmers/directors for Transworld who have made some of the greatest skate videos of the last decade. Armed with HD cameras and rigs like these, skaters are pushing videos into a higher class every time. Filmers these days make videos the equivalent of photography through lighting, composition, slow mo/speed ramping and hd. I’m excited to see where they take it over the next few years. Oh yeah, and you can put it together with a skate tool, pretty smart.

Check out the video of the dolly and footage of it in action then get hyped to go out and skate.

Refined Sugar Studio

In the midst of the NSS chaos, I did get the chance to run through the ICFF for an hour. I grabbed a few business cards from the booths that immediately caught my eye, and Refined Sugar Studio was one of them. Cheeky and fun, the products are either limited edition functional pieces, or one-of-a-kind works of design art. Refined Sugar’s tag line is “Sweet Designs for Living”, and I think their work fits the bill. My two favorites: the Eat Me Dining Table, a reclaimed claw-and-ball foot dining table with a scrolling LED screen. Variations on the word “Meat” scroll across the table – “Eat Me”, “Eat Meat”, “Fat Me”…I also loved the Refined Cereal light fixture – all of your favorite childhood cereals illuminated in this one light fixture.

Lakai – 4 squares intro

Press play just in case you haven’t seen the “6 squares” intro to the French Connection and Royal Family section of Fully Flared. You have probably already seen the exploding skatespot intro, so check this one out too.

Blu Muto Video

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This has been around the blogs a bit, but reader Sean sent it to us and I love the video of animated street art by Blu. There are even several matryoshka inspired sequences (yes, we will be changing the Ideas column soon!). Anyway, enjoy!

Sub-Studio NSS Booth

Whew! The NSS is finally over and I am home drinking peppermint tea and am ready to pass out…Overall it was a great experience and I met lots of really great people. It was exhausting and expensive, but well worth the effort. Just a few quick shots of our booth above – I am posing with the lovely ladies from JHillDesign, Ink & Wit, and RSVP Press, all of whom were great booth-mates. A contractor I’ve worked with previously built all of our wall panels and shelves – if you EVER need a contractor for a renovation you are doing in the NYC area, I highly, highly recommend him! Feel free to email me any time for his contact info!

By the way, a huge thank you to New York Magazine, Design*Sponge, Modish, and Design Milk for the write ups about our work, and to Venus Zine for the shout out to our little blog!

Regular posting will resume tomorrow…