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FLOWmarket is a brand created by Mads Hagstroem that is designed “to inspire consumers to think, live, and consume more holistic[ally]“. FLOWmarket looks at the imbalances in the world and has created packaged products (empty, in case you were wondering) that allow you to buy a “feeling of safety” or a little bit of “empathy”. It’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure that it does what it desires by encouraging further consumption of products that don’t offer any solution to the imbalances of our world. Looking at it purely from a ideas perspective, though, I love it!

Gesine Hackenberg

Gesine Hackenberg creates conceptual jewelry from vintage ceramics. Each piece is constructed from punched out pieces of the tableware. I don’t know if she’s selling them or if they are more for arts purposes, but it would be awesome if the altered plate and the piece of jewelry could be bought as a pair.

Via Bloesem.

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Tyler Stout

Here are a few film screening posters of beloved movies of my youth, illustrated by Tyler Stout. Check them out on Tyler’s site to see the incredibly dense detail packed into each of the posters along with some other great looking work.

Swingline Saddle Stapler

The Swingline Saddle Stapler solves the basic problem of stapling a large booklet or zine. If you have ever tried to put one together, finding a stapler that will work is a big problem. The long arm staplers do work, but this little Swingline makes it very hard to mess up the spine placement.

Denise Simon

The Shiny Squirrel has a great new artist in her shop – Denise Simon. I love Denise’s line drawings and her illustration style.

Nike Arctic Women’s Jacket

The Arctic Women’s Jacket jacket from Nike looks pretty dangerous. If you ever wanted to look like a crazed bloody maniac on the slopes, this jacket is for you. All you need is some zombie makeup or a hockey mask and no skiers would dare get in your way.

Ross McBride

These Anamorphic Cups by Ross McBride offer a fun alternative to the stuffy teacup. Each cup is made of polished stainless steel in order to correctly reflect the distorted text or image on the porcelain saucer.

Joe Castrucci Campus by Adidas

For quite a long time Adidas was at the roots of skateboarding, but never really fully involved. Every skater has tried out a pair of white and black shelltoes at least once in their lifetime. I remember Pepe Martinez (rip) made them look pretty good in his part in Fine Artists Vol. 1.

Over the past few years they started getting more and more into the scene and Adidas just released a new crop of shoes including the Joe Castrucci version of the Campus. I love everything that Joe does at Habitat, bar none. Check out their new line. The vulcanized Campus looks pretty nice too.

NYPL Digital Gallery

The NYPL Digital Gallery features a wide breadth of historical documents and images. Some of those included are historical maps of of 1700-1800 Manhattan, featured left and right.

The gallery is absolutely worth browsing through. While not as fun as flipping through the archives of a library, smelling the old bindings or feeling the crispness of the sheets of paper, the gallery is the next best thing. You might find something that inspires you in there.

Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is an amazing Canadian typographer with a beautiful body of work. One recent project that caught my eye is her contribution to Stefan Sagmeister’s “Things I have learned in my life so far” series. Marian used sugar to script the phrase “If I want to explore a new direction professionally, it is helpful to try it out for myself first.” Writing out the phrase five times, she photographed each version, as well as the destroyed version. Check out her website for more images of the project.