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M-OW-1 Drinking Fountain

The surreal image of the tree trunk drinking fountain is more than enough for me to post it here. The M-OW-1 fountain, manufactured by Murdock, is designed for use in parks and outdoor areas to camouflage what is normally an eyesore. This fountain deserves to be in the MOMA’s permanent collection. If you know any of the curators there, slap them in the face and show them this thing. It’s so absurd it’s amazing.

2 Responses to “M-OW-1 Drinking Fountain”

  1. …creepy, like the ubiquitous cell phone tower posing stiffly as a tree…

  2. I think this is funny idea, but not really innovative…it's very kitch! I'm an industrial designer and I can say that this is NOT really an example of good design at all…putting it in the MOMA with some of the better design pieces ever made it's an injury for that ones!!!