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M-OW-1 Drinking Fountain

The surreal image of the tree trunk drinking fountain is more than enough for me to post it here. The M-OW-1 fountain, manufactured by Murdock, is designed for use in parks and outdoor areas to camouflage what is normally an eyesore. This fountain deserves to be in the MOMA’s permanent collection. If you know any of the curators there, slap them in the face and show them this thing. It’s so absurd it’s amazing.

Frida Mälarborn

I could have sworn that I had posted Frida Mälarborn’s work before, but I can’t find that I have – so here you go! Frida is a ceramic artist from Sweden. Her website is in Swedish so I can’t tell you what her intent was behind the project, but what I love about it is the reinterpretation of a set of feminine objects, rendered useless and permanent in porcelain, with cross-stitched graphics pushing that femininity further.

Via Bloesem.

Cognitive Creations

I don’t know why, but I am a sucker for gears and mechanical pieces – I love going to the Met and seeing all of the old pocket watches (especially the ones with the guts exposed). Anyway, Etsy seller Cognitive Creations uses mechanical pieces in her work and I like it!

Via Haute*Nature.

Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon isn’t anything new to the blog circuit, but I love his BD Showtime Chairs. The are Eames-esque in their shape, but all their own in their collage of materials and textures.


I meant to post this a while ago – images of a new necklace I am selling over at SupermarketHQ, called Cellular. The necklace is made out of black acrylic and hangs on a sterling silver chain.

Kathleen Hills

Kathleen Hills sent us a link to her website, and unbeknownst to me until now, she is the designer of one of my favorite Christmas presents – the Milkii. The Milkii is a double spouted milk jug, but I actually use it as a bud vase and it’s great! Kathleen has lots of lovely products, but my favorites are the Egg cube, which includes a place for your spoon, and a rolling pin with raised lettering marking everything that you bake as “made in England”.

Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel 2

I am a very big fan of the original Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel (screenshots above). And I was pleased to see this trailer for the second installment in the series. If you have played through the games, you already know the story, but it’s great to see them played out in such an interesting way. I love the mix of static and animated and the Ashley Wood illustrations never disappoint.

Kirsten Hassenfeld

Kirsten Hassenfeld is a Brooklyn-based artist who works with paper, creating super detailed, sculptural light objects. Her Dans la Lune exhibit just closed at Rice University’s Rice Gallery, but I thought it was worth a mention here. Dans la Lune is a French idiom that references daydreaming, which is a great description of Kirsten’s over-the-top sculptures of imagined opulence. From a distance her sculptures look like chains of gems and crystals, but as you get closer, detailed images emerge.


I love the Herb-Savor by Prepara. It prolongs the life of fresh herbs up three weeks and looks hot to boot.

Aesa Jewelry

Very pretty jewelry from Aesa. I love the organic shapes and the mixed metal.