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Mr. Jones Watches

A friend turned me on to Mr. Jones Watches – unconventional, limited edition (mostly sold out) watches by Crispin Jones. Perhaps a tad pessimistic in nature, some of the watches are a humorous commentary on time. Above: “The Accurate” which reminds you of your impending doom, and “More or Less” which offers you two ways of looking at time as it passes (is the glass half-empty or half-full?). If you get paid in British pounds or euros, these watches aren’t so bad – £79.99. We Americans will have to wait for the dollar to get stronger…

“The Mantra” (below) alternates a positive statement with a negative one. It reminds me of those folded paper fortune tellers my friends and I used to make when we were kids.

2007 Survey

As you know, the Sub-Studio Design Blog is a little over a year old. Our readership has been steadily increasing (we have doubled our monthly readership since June) and Sean and I have always been curious as to who you all are! To help us find out – and in an effort to improve the SSDB – we’ve put together a quick survey (only ten questions, four of which are optional). We would really appreciate it if you took a minute to fill it out. We want to know what you like and don’t like about the SSDB, so don’t be shy (we went to architecture school – we’re used to critiques)!

To thank you for filling out the survey (and for being such great readers) we are giving away three of our prints to three randomly chosen participants. The winners will get to choose between any of our hand-screened prints (detail of the Abyssal and Celestial Extinction prints above; see our store for other options). In order to be eligible for the prints, you will need to fill out the optional last question of the survey (where we ask for some piece of identifying information – email, name, or blog – otherwise how will we know who you are to give you the print?). The survey only allows for 100 participants, so be quick if you want a chance to win the prints.

Thanks again for all of your support over the last year – we love trolling the internet for the best design, and love the emails and comments that you send our way. Take the survey here.

2007 Gift Guide

Keep an eye on our Ideas column to the right, as we update it with holiday gift ideas over the next few weeks. This week we are focusing on gifts for her, next week will be gifts for him.

Above: Fauna Goldfish Necklace by paraphernalia and Knit Coasters by Alyssa Ettinger.

Linzie Hunter

These ended up in my inbox this morning – the Spam One-Liners print series by Linzie Hunter. The prints remind me of the random sentences and nonsensical phrases that were used on journal covers and other trinkets when I was living in Thailand as a kid. Each archival digital print is being sold through Thumbtack Press for $29.99. 20×200 will also be selling two limited edition prints from this series soon.

Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz

My mom sent me a link to Yvonne Fehling’s and Jennie Peiz’s exhibition at the Arp Museum in Remagen, Germany. I love the dynamic ChairStoolBench and how it reads as one long plank of wood with traditional chair shapes emerging and disappearing from that plank of wood. Gorgeous! I would love to see this in a city park somewhere.

WaterRower Classic

The extent of my workout schedule is a yoga class every once in a while, but if we had the space in our apartment, the WaterRower Classic might convince me to get off my butt. Made out of solid American Black Walnut and finished with three coats of Danish Oil, the Classic is like some crazy Rube Goldberg inspired rowing machine.

Brian Gaberman

How many photographers can say they had a part in 411? And Chomp on This shouldn’t really count as comparison. Brian Gaberman is now behind the lens and building a beautiful portfolio of skate photos that go far beyond simply documenting a trick. In a field recently dominated by high-production videos, it’s nice to see a single instant framed, lit, captured and printed.

We’re heading to the Bronx for Thanksgiving and are taking Thursday and Friday off – enjoy the holiday weekend! Tell your mama’s what you’re thankful for!

Shigeru Ban

I saw Shigeru Ban’s Shutter Houses on Inhabitat a few weeks back and instantly fell in love with the proposed building. Shigeru Ban draws on the surrounding after-hours security systems of the neighborhood’s galleries and shops by incorporating individually motorized, perforated metal shutters and 20′ glass garage doors into each unit, allowing the inhabitants to open up their apartments completely to the outside, if desired. This blurring between the inside and out is very contrary to urban residential life, where most buildings strive to keep outsiders out via sturdy brick and glass facades and security bars. The Shutter Houses facade is dynamic – changing every day, depending on each inhabitant’s desire for privacy or openness. If I had a several million dollars lying around, I would snap one of these apartments up in a heart beat. The Shutter Houses are scheduled for completion in the fall of 2008. Keep watch at 524 W 19th St. for progress! Check out more of Shigeru Ban’s work here (be sure to take a look at the Curtain House, which could be considered an early case study for the Shutter Houses).

Studio 22

I love these concrete rings by Studio 22. Having a background in architecture makes me fond of building materials in general, especially when used for non-architectural purposes. Studio 22′s concrete rings were sold as part of designboom’s mart during Tokyo Designer’s Week this year. They will soon be sold online exclusively at designboom’s shop.

I can’t mention concrete jewelry without talking about Konzuk – check out their gorgeous work, too!

Via We Made This.

Out of Office

Oof (which somehow translates into “Out of Office”) is a collective of young graduates from Britain’s Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication. My favorites: the Cloud Sponge is a playful bath sponge, the Watering Mug is shaped so as to remind you to water the plants after having a cup of tea, and the Musical Comb.

Via Core77.