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Tunto/Mikko Kärkkäinen is a very impressive Finnish designer. It was hard for me to choose just a few products to showcase, but I did my best! What I like most about Tunto’s products are the urban graphics and bright colors that permeate their collection of work.

The Hoover lamp is a gorgeous fixture, and I love how the base seems to be sitting on the floor with you. The packaging is awesome, too, with the lamp shade just peeking out over the side.

The M3 is a seat/storage unit, which is great for people like us who have tiny apartments and need all the storage we can get.

Below is the Vuokko table which I like for its simplicity and also for the splash of color on the underside. It’s available in many pretty colors!

Via Design This Design That.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Lee emailed us about a new product in his shop: the restless chopsticks (or uki hashi in Japanese) by Mikiya Kobayashi. Brilliantly designed so that the tip won’t touch the table when set down, the restless chopsticks put an end to all of my sad attempts to make rests out of paper.

Life by Adonis Werther

Life by Adonis Werther is a set of 4 prints that depicts the passage of time through one’s life. The prints have a similar narrative and structure of Chris Ware’s work. The print is available at Thumbtack Press, a great site for affordable art.

Irina Blok

Irina Blok sent me an email about her super cute jewelry line, I Love Blocks. Irina is originally a graphic designer, and it shows in her work – very clean, clever images. My favorite is the cat and mouse bracelet (who is chasing who?). Irina uses Shrinky Dinks sealed with acrylic paint to create each piece.

Atypyk puzzle

Atypyk sent over their latest project: the limited edition 1-piece peg puzzle to learn the basics. Teach your tot about branding at a young age.


You’ve probably seen Reddish make the rounds on the blogging circuit over the past few weeks, but their work is really great so I wanted to highlight some of my favorites here. I love this blurb from their website: Reddish “spends most of the time helping objects feel better about themselves”.

Above: the X-Table and Grenadine. The jewelry from the Grenadine line are cast from pieces of polystyrene. Each piece is unique.

Tom Dixon – Trafalgar Square Great Light Giveaway

All of you lucky Londoners out there need to head over to Trafalgar Square this coming Wednesday at 5PM, as Tom Dixon is supposedly giving away 1,000 of his Blow lights on a first come first serve basis. Sounds pretty awesome! He’s created a chandelier out of the Blow lights in front of the National Gallery. I don’t really love the installation, but maybe it’s nicer in person than it is in photo.


I’ve been meaning to post about 20×200 after hearing about it over at Raul Gutierrez’s great blog, Heading East. 20×200 is a new limited edition showcase dedicated to providing affordable art to collectors with all depths of wallet. Curated by Jen Bekman, 20×200 debuts two artists a week (one photographer and one illustrator). The prints come in three sizes: S,M,L: S (6″x10″) has an edition of 200 for $20 each. M (13″x20″) has an edition of 20 for $200 each. L (26″x40″) has an edition of 2 for $2000 each. Art for everyone! The artists shown above: Dana Miller (left) and Jennifer Sanchez.

Evan Hecox – Urban Abstract

Evan Hecox is one of my favorite artists. His work for Chocolate Skateboards always impresses. This year he will release a hardcover monograph titled “Urban Abstract”. His work is definitely worth checking out, and if you have some money lying around, there are a number of prints available at Arkitip.


Biaugust is a design office in Taipei, Taiwan. I love their 108 Time Box, which is a nine-year calendar that is meant to read as one continuous sheet. As each month is unrolled, you are left with a receipt of time. All 108 months are treated in a unique typographic format. And I just liked the graphics on the mugs.

Via pan-dan.