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Going to the chapel…

Hi, everyone! Sean and I will be stepping away from the blog for a few weeks as we head out to Seattle for our wedding on September 2 and then go up to Vancouver/Whistler/Victoria for our honeymoon. We’d love any suggestions for restaurants, must-sees, bars, etc! Feel free to comment or email us at blog (at) sub-studio.com. We will be back with new posts on September 17. In the meantime, check out all the great blogs on the sidebar!

We would like to take this moment as an opportunity to thank you for reading our little blog and for all of your emails and comments – we really appreciate it! Keep them coming! We will see you soon!

Erin Currie – Cursters

Erin Currie is a very talented artist who sews, sculpts and paints. She is obsessed with monsters, which I can appreciate being that we at Sub-Studio like the imaginary, too. Besides limited edition prints, Erin has a line of plush toys, my favorite of which are the Cursters. Each doll is super expressive and the suits they come in are pretty cute. Each Curster is unique and is available at Erin’s Etsy store.

Via Reuben Miller.


Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. Sean and I are busy running around doing last minute prep for our wedding (ten days to go!).

Some great packaging/branding by Beauty Engineered forEver (B_E_E). B_E_E promises “products that not only perform, but are also better environmentally, ethically and sensually.” Their cleaning products are made from natural ingredients and have all been dermatologically tested for gentleness on skin. Personally, I just love the packaging. The cheeky statements are very appealing. The lines is currently only available in NZ and Australia, but will hopefully make its way to your part of the world soon.

Via Josh Spear.

Pet Peek

This made me laugh…The “Pet Peek” provides a little portal in your fence for your dog to the rest of the world.

Via Style Files.

Roger Arquer

Fish Bowls by Roger Arquer is an exploration in reprogramming and redesigning the fish bowl. From left to right: Do Not Piss Me Off, Pure Life, and Private Matters. You can see all fifteen projects at Dezeen. Fish Bowls will be part of the Conversational Spanish 02 exhibition this September, curated by Hector Serrano and running in conjunction with the 2007 London Design Festival.

Duncan Wilson

We posted about Duncan Wilson’s Pixel Notes before, and while checking out his website today, I came across the awesome Knives T-shirt. I love the continuation of the graphic on the back of the shirt, and the way he uses shadow to add to the image. Check out Duncan’s website for more great work.

DBI-SALA Hydration Harness

An interesting product from DBI-SALA, who specialize in fall protection, is the Harness Hydration System 1150174. The Camelback-style hydration unit slips into a pouch secured to the harness and uses a bite valve for liquid delivery. Very thoughtful.

Marianne Anderson

Marianne Anderson works within a restrained palette of oxidized silver, 18ct gold, red garnets and white pearls. I love the way she has reinterpreted ornamentation in a modern context. Delicate and gorgeous.


Swedish design group LOTS created the conceptual Elektra line of domestic appliances. The image to the left is a toaster (coolest toaster I’ve ever seen)! The use of black glass provides a nice contrast to the translucent glass.

Jim Hannon-Tan

I love the Clampleg by Jim Hannon-Tan. Besides being gorgeous, it allows you to make a table out of any surface. The heights are adjustable so if you have wonky floors like me, you can level your table.