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Tatiana Arocha

My friend Alice sent me this link ages ago. Tatiana Arocha is a versatile artist with work ranging from print, motion graphics to illustration. My favorites are her illustrative work. I love the textured, Japanese-inspired graphics. You can find Tatiana in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she is involved in the arts community, Servicio Ejecutivo.

The Megaramp

The Megaramp is no joke. It has its own official blog now. I recommend checking out the construction photos of The Staples Center. Try to pick out a person in the photos, that will show you how huge this thing really is.


Very cool recycled products from Etsy seller Remake. The envelopes above are made from security envelopes turned inside out, and the notebooks from recycled folders, alphabetic dividers and various types of recycled paper.

Naked by Alberto Colzani

The Naked by Alberto Colzani is a spindly little chair with a lot of character. The thin supports converge to form a chair of peculiar scale. And I love the playful detail of the hand slot. The finish can be either funky or sophisticated, depending on the fabric and metal finishes. Overall a very fun little chair.

Heinrich Fiedeler

Love the Drop fixture by Heinrich Fiedeler for Anta which looks like a glass-encased light bulb. Elegant and simple!

Peter Callesen

My mom reminded me of the work of Peter Callesen, a Danish artist who works primarily with paper, creating amazing paperscapes by contrasting negative and positive space and 2-D and 3-D, all within a sheet of A4 paper. It was really hard to choose my favorites because they are all so great! Thanks, Mom!

Apollon Rings by Lucie

Anna and I recently purchased our wedding bands from Niwaka, and we’re so excited to have them soon. While we were at the offices, they told us that their new 5th ave store will also carry rings by Lucie, their sister brand. I love the simple statement of all their rings. Each one is clean and elegant, not like the gaudy American and European jewelers. The Apollon rings reinterpret the circular profile by introducing the pointed corners to give the ring a stronger presence. And I love the addition of the inset blue diamond on the side surface of the ring.

Guillaume Delvigne

The Lampe (72dpi, 144dpi, 300dpi) by Guillaume Delvigne for Industreal is a study in pixelation. The lamp comes in three versions, ranging from “high resolution” to “low resolution”.

Via Style Files.

Beautiful/Decay Artist Series Apparel Line

Sasha from Beautiful/Decay emailed us about their artist series apparel line, where they collaborate with established and emerging artists to create t-shirts. A few of the shirts I liked (left to right): “Girls Girls Girls” by Milano Chow (not actually from this line of shirts, but I liked it and there aren’t any girls’ tees in the artist series, yet), “Heavy Drummer” by Saiman Chow, and Jan Kallwejt’s “Lung Music”.

Jorine Oosterhoff

The “Tea Time” collection is a very playful set of tableware from Jorine Oosterhoff. I love the smooth lines and the irregular shapes. Inspired in part by Alice in Wonderland and other fantastical characters, “Tea Time” would be a fun addition to your tableware collection. Available at Rose and Radish.