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Tal Gur

I got an email this morning about an interesting exhibit of Tal Gur’s work at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The artist’s statement:

The exhibition space contains several objects which reflect a laborious production process: “Reading” tables, “Alata” light fixtures, “Mesh” chairs, and a “Bamboo” partition. The objects, with their entire range of materiality, sprawl, outline their course in the space, dissolve mass, allowing a glance through― through the object, the place, the space.

If you are in Tel Aviv, you can check out the exhibit from June 14 to September, 2007.

Thanks, Tal!

2 Responses to “Tal Gur”

  1. Very cool.

  2. That is one very cool furniture! Nice design too! Before i have my Aeron chair from http://www.therelaxbackstore.com, and now i am planning to have this one next month.