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Kid Viskous

Acrylic jewelry from Kid Viskous. I especially like the skeleton key pendant – it looks like pixel art.

NASA – Great Images in NASA (GRIN)

GRIN aka Great Images in NASA, is the repository of the most important historical images of the US space program from its founding through today. The images above are of the Saturn V S-1C Stages in Michoud Assembly Facility (left) and The First Stages of Saturn IB in Final Assembly (right). The library of images is absolutely worth checking out and span the breadth of the NASA programs.


Patches to relieve the symptoms of romantic breakups.

I just thought this was funny. Of all the various emails we get, Atypyk’s are branded the best, in my opinion. The style is always consistent, the text is limited to descriptive one liners, and the content is usually clever and tongue-in-cheek. I don’t always love the product itself, but the emails are always enjoyable.

National Geographic – Wildlife Motion Detection Cameras

Ever wonder who is stealing the cheese out of the fridge? These Wildlife Motion Detection Cameras from National Geographic might solve that problem right quick. Triggered by heat and movement, both the 35-mm and digital models of these simplified all-weather cameras take multiple images to capture backyard wildlife. Equipped with a wide-angle lens with 60-degree field of view and two test modes, these cameras will run for 21 days of 24-hour operation before needing fresh batteries. NG makes both a digital (left) and 35mm (right) version for all your cheese-nabber needs. And they are incredibly affordable at $60-$70 each.


I love Prismera’s Flora & Folium Collection – the botanical silhouettes are cut from recycled stainless steel.

Ellington and EMS heritage briefcases

These retro-inspired work bags would be great for the fall when the bulk of the fabric won’t make your back too hot. On the left is the Ellington Clark Canvas/Leather Briefcase. And on the right is the EMS Lewis Messenger.

Know Hope

Gorgeous street art from Israeli artist Know Hope. A statement from the artist:

The lanterns deal with the frail, temporary aspect of putting up art in street. Take the best case scenario: nobody takes the piece after a short while and there are no extreme winds or rain, the longest life span of these pieces will be that of the candles, which is probably just a few hours. Therefore, when someone runs into one of them on the street they know that it was placed there not so long ago and they, by coincidence, got there in the small time frame that the piece was “active”, hopefully giving them the feeling that it was placed there especially for them, and maybe guiding them, following them home and subtly lighting up their way.

Via Rag & Bone.

Emerica – Laced

Emerica does it again with the Laced. The super simple design and either flashy or subdued upper materials satisfy both the maximalist and the minimalist. The tongue is held to the midsole with elastic stays so there is no need to lace the shoes at all.


A connect-the-dots calendar – trace a line every day to reveal the illustration. A bit unwieldy as a calendar, but a cool idea.

Via Swissmiss.


I am sitting in the NY Supreme Court, waiting out the jury selection process. They didn’t call one person in yesterday and it’s looking like today might be the same. But at least there is internet, so I can entertain myself!

I want to announce the launch of Brevity, my line of jewelry. I debuted it at Renegade Craft Fair and was very happy with the response. I hope you will get a chance to check it out!

Happy Friday!