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95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit

If you don’t know the pleasure of fly fishing with a bamboo rod, you’re missing out on one of the most serene and natural joys in the world. Flyfishing is all about the romance of nature and using a fiberglass rod doesn’t fit right (and they cast like a sack of bricks). In contrast, the flexibility of bamboo translates each flick of the wrist down the length of the rod as if it were a true extension of your body.

Only 25 of the The 95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit by LL Bean will be produced. Made by hand by master rod maker Gary Lacey of Granger Bamboo, each one of the $3,000 kits is pretty special.

1 Response to “95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit”

  1. Bamboo and fiberglass have approximately the same modulus of elasticity, so they cast very similarly.

    Your “sack of bricks” quote might refer to graphite, which is far lighter than bamboo, but stiffer.

    Either way, you pretty much missed, and this comes from a bamboo rod fan.