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Josh Jakus

Josh Jakus is a California-based architect-turned-designer. He works with industrial wool felt, which he aquires via factory excess. The Eggflat is a study in folding, and can be used for many purposes, though my favorite is as a fruit bowl. The Um Tote is a very cool bag that is created from a single piece of fabric which finds its structure through its zipper.

95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit

If you don’t know the pleasure of fly fishing with a bamboo rod, you’re missing out on one of the most serene and natural joys in the world. Flyfishing is all about the romance of nature and using a fiberglass rod doesn’t fit right (and they cast like a sack of bricks). In contrast, the flexibility of bamboo translates each flick of the wrist down the length of the rod as if it were a true extension of your body.

Only 25 of the The 95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit by LL Bean will be produced. Made by hand by master rod maker Gary Lacey of Granger Bamboo, each one of the $3,000 kits is pretty special.


Inleaf just launched a great new line of bags. The smoky graphics really appeal to me. Inleaf continues to make a conscious effort to use natural, organic and vintage materials in their designs.

Space Jockeys – Wallpaper Project

Wallpaper, a project setup by the Space Jockeys is an open call for graphics entries to build an open community of artists and influences, no matter how small or how big.

“The concept was inspired by an after-party doodling session, with six of us simultaneously drawing on the same pad,” explained one half of The Space Jockeys Alex Cicciu. “We then decided to take it online in the form of Wallpaper.”

Sounds like a highly developed giant online game of exquisite corpse . Join up and get contributing.

Bodo Sperlein

Some more beautiful but unaffordable work from Bodo Sperlein.

Via inredningsbloggen.


The second incarnation of 24SEVEN, published by Image and compiled by Ivan Brandon, is a compilation of the work of some 60 writers and artists. The story of the book revolves around robots living within the city, but the work within takes vastly different directions and is a testament to the breadth of talent within the comic and graphic novel community. And I am a sucker for anything drawn by Ashley Wood, whose work is featured on the cover. 24SEVEN #2 should reach stores in July of this year.

Ashley G

I’m sure you’ve all seen Ashley G’s work before…I love the simplicity of her drawings and the beautiful colors that she uses. The little girls in her illustrations are especially appealing, maybe because they are so quiet and thoughtful.

Jacqueline Knits

Hello and happy Tuesday. Here’s a little something cute to start off the day…Fruit jackets for your apples and pears by Jacqueline Knits. I like. I hate bruised fruit, so this is right up my alley.

ICFF – Wrap Up

Finally, onon Surfaces displayed a series of interesting conceptual surfaces. Each piece is made of laser cut Mylar and is meant to be used as a divider or wall tapestry. The patterns made by the cut paper are beautiful and I would imagine they make great shadows, too.

That’s it for ICFF! It was our first time attending, and while we thought there was a lot of good work (especially in regards to lighting), and a lot of great material exploration, we didn’t see much exploration by way of new ideas or forms. We did, however, really appreciate the student work that was on display, and hope to see more of that next year.

Sean and I only briefly hit the National Stationary Show. You can find great coverage of it over at Design*Sponge.

Have a really great long weekend, you all!

ICFF – For Your Walls

There were lots of interesting wall coverings at ICFF this year. Words Spoken Quieter Than Actions by Rollout was a favorite – lots of thought bubbles that just ask for your intervention and collaboration…

Nama Rococo had some beautiful wallpaper – bright colors and lots of ornament (the photos don’t do it justice).

I am bummed that I missed Flavor Paper’s Scratch and Sniff wallpaper…sounds awesome!