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Studio Libertiny

Check out this “Bee Vase” by Studio Libertiny. The vase was actually made by 40,000 honey bees. Studio Libertiny created a mold in the shape of a vase that the bees then colonized. A quotation by Studio Libertiny via Dezeen:

I have been interested in contradicting the current consumer society (which is interested in slick design) by choosing to work with a seemingly very vulnerable and ephemeral material – beeswax. To give a form to this natural product it has occurred more than logical to choose a form of a vase as a cultural artifact. Beeswax comes from flowers and in the form of a vase ends up serving flowers on their last journey.

I like that Studio Libertiny calls the process “slow prototyping”, which is a reference to the mechanized rapid prototyping technique in which (with the help of a computer) a physical product is created through a succession of layered cross-sections. The material used in rapid prototyping is often a waxy, plastic substance.

Via Designklub via Dezeen.

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  1. love it. on all levels.