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Jason Thielke

I just bought a copy of this print by Jason Thielke. There is something very architectural about the way he draws – his illustrations are more like technical drawings of an urban landscape.

EDIT: This print is available online through OKOK Gallery.

4 Responses to “Jason Thielke”

  1. Hi Anna,

    I really like his work too. I think he must live around Denver because I see his name popping up at local shows. That’s a great print!

  2. Yeah, I’m excited for it to come…can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. i feel dumb asking this… but where do you buy it from? i do not see any buy links.

  4. Hi Anon,

    It’s my bad actually – I bought the print through an OKOK’s online gallery and forgot to post the link. The print I posted is the second to last thumbnail. Hope that helps!