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Countryside and Suburbia in a Bag

Continuing their ‘… in a bag’ series, Muji released Suburbia in a Bag (left) and Countryside in a Bag (right). Perfect for creating your own kid version of low density urban sprawl and constructed nature. Future urban planners rejoice!

Mash Studios

I love the clean lines and sliding panels for this wall mounted sideboard, designed by Mash Studios.

Banquet Chair by Estudio Campana

Fernando and Humberto Campana created The Banquet Chair (left) and Alligator Chair (right) as built-to-order pieces. I would love to use these for a kid’s room.

Flavour Design

Thought this was sort of clever, though it feels wasteful if these weren’t discarded bathtubs…At any rate, the Savon by Flavour Design is an antique clawfoot cast iron bathtub that has been converted into a loveseat. The vase to the right was made from fallen wood. I think it’s beautiful, but can’t tell if it has been coated with something to keep the wood from rotting or to keep water from seeping through the wood?

Mia Cullin

I really like the trend towards faceted/3-D curtains these days. It’s a nice variation on print and pattern. Mia Cullin made this beautiful Flake and Flower curtain/partition out of Tyvek.

Via Pan-Dan.

Alvin Technical Drawing

Alvin Co., one of the most old school technical drawing companies in the land, has its base of operations in good old Connecticut. I had a nice old compass kit in school and the most important piece I used was the divider. They were indispensable for building well-crafted models. Unfortunately they don’t get much use now, but they were a lifesaver back then.

ID 360

The “Symbol” is an interesting, multi-functional piece of furniture by ID 360 that functions as a chair, a bench, a side table…It’s sort of funny looking with all of its arms but I love that it does lots of things at once.

Jason Thielke

I just bought a copy of this print by Jason Thielke. There is something very architectural about the way he draws – his illustrations are more like technical drawings of an urban landscape.

EDIT: This print is available online through OKOK Gallery.

Fontana Hunziker

I don’t remember where I first saw this, so I apologize for not giving proper credit where it is due…This is a clever, DIY project by Fontana Hunziker for your next party. Make a mold with two bowls, fill it up with water, stick it in the freezer and voila! Pretty ice bowl!

Elizabeth Scott

Hello! Pretty jewelry from Elizabeth Scott. I like all of the organic shapes.