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// archive for November 2006

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Phuze

The Bling glass ring from Phuze. The Bling ring is handmade from crystal, so each one is one of a kind. $95.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: MOCA

A friend in college always wore ring watches (hi alisa!). I like this ring watch from MOCA. Not too bad at $22, either.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Studio 1 a.m.

This is an interesting choice of material by Studio 1 a.m.. The Cork Cuff, for $48. You can tack notes to your bracelet as reminders…

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Early Jewelry

I love this simple Horseshoe necklace from Early Jewelry for $60.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Maren Kramer

Ok. So this isn’t under $100, but I love this watch bangle designed by Maren Kramer (for a student design competition at Dusseldorf University!). The watch face is mostly hidden, but is revealed through a piece of stainless steel that sits opposite, through which the time is mirrored and reflected. Clever! Yours for $260.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Ozzi Oswald and Ursi Graf

Beautiful Venetian Murano glass Anemone ring from Ozzi Oswald and Ursi Graf for $95.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Amy Tavern

I like delicate rings, so this is right up my alley – a 1 mm wide gold ring (called the very thin gold ring) from Amy Tavern. If you like thicker rings – stack them! $50 each from Rare Device. Also very nice is the Tension necklace, which is made of steel and 18k gold, which you can get for $46.50.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Marina and Susanna Sent

This is a cool necklace from the Sent sisters (Marina and Susanna). Made of Venetian glass, the necklace mimics a cluster of bubbles. Available for $95.

Gift Guide – Jewelry: Lisa Ceccorulli

Lisa Ceccorulli is a jewelrysmith whose work is inspired by the 3-5-7 relationships of Japanese gardens. The pieces all have a very interesting texture to them, one that is not normally associated with silver and gold. The juxtaposition of the stone-like texture and the reflectivity of the metals make me want to examine the pieces more and more. The pieces range from $300 to $500, but I think they are worth the splurge.

Gift Guide – Ceramics: Egglings

For all of your garden-challenged friends, I present the Eggling. Ceramic eggs that look and feel like the real thing – just crack one open and add water and voila! Garden! The eggling is available with seeds for basil, italian parsley, mint, thyme, chrysanthemum, lobelia, phlox, and petunia.

Available at Elsewares for $8.95.