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I love these found object rings and bracelets by D-licious (Dana Roth) which are made from recycled beer and soda cans. Also cool are her “Definition Necklaces”, which are what they sound like – pendants with printed definitions set in a closed-back sterling silver bezel. Available at Elsewares.


Lorraine Linton

From 7th to 12th grade I went to boarding school in India. The school was up in the foothills of the Himalayas, and it was freezing in the winter! Besides piling on blankets, we always went to bed with a hot water bottle (or two). I love these hot water bottle jackets from Scottish artist/designer Lorraine Linton of INTO. I wish I’d had one of these back when. Available here from Papa Stour.

Via red.house.


Memento Mori

In Chinese culture, it is taboo to gift a clock. When translated into Chinese, the word ‘clock’ sounds like the word for ‘death’, and is symbolic of the ending of relationships. Being that a watch is just a portable clock, here is the ultimate ‘Memento Mori’ (Latin for “Remember you are mortal, remember you will die, remember your death”). This is a pocket watch created in 1810 made out of 18K gold, enamel, diamond verge and a fusee. Kind of cool in a creepy way. Expensive, too. It apparently sold recently for $16,000.

Via Cool Hunting.


Talking to the Satellites

Thanks to Sally, who pointed me to this “Google satellite art” image found a ways outside city limits of Boise, ID. To give you some idea of the scale of the message, the length of one letter is about the width of the adjacent highway (60-100 ft?). This brings to light a few things – I wonder how often Google’s satellite imagery is updated? I figured it was once in a blue moon, but obviously it’s more frequent than that. Secondly, I can imagine all sorts of uses for this: huge scale works of art, outlandish marriage proposals, but mostly: advertising! How long do you think before Verizon has a landscape advertisement?


North Face Boot

The North Face branched out into footwear maybe 5 years ago with a line of core outdoor trail shoes and day hiking boots. Now that their footwear base is established, they are breaking into the lifestyle segment of the market. The Allure (women’s) boot is one such lifestyle product. It doesn’t really fit the specifications for hiking, but will work for getting around the city just fine. I especially like the eva midsole and nubby sole. The mix of the running sole, boot upper and roll-down top is similar to how visvim treated their signature moccasin. Check them both out.



An interesting and counterintuitive tea light. The “Thaw” light was designed by Mathew Jackson for Mathmos. Use the mold to freeze a tea light enclosure. The tea light thaws the block of ice, which melts back into the mold for re-freezing.

Via Neatorama.


Marzipan Garden

Lovely ladies Eva and Nina of Marzipan Garden have a great eye for color and pattern. I love their colorful pillow throws with lace flowers or fabric birds. Eva and Nina have diamond doves and a parrot respectively, and you can see that inspiration throughout their work. Besides the great pillows, check out their cute aprons, bags, and bird ornaments.


Foxy and Winston

I love these cards from Foxy and Winston. I like how she incorporates the lace into her drawings. Pretty!


Element Design

This is dorky, ridiculous, and cool all at the same time. A lamp by Austrian design duo Element made out of sun glasses. I like the shadows that it makes.

Via NotCot.



This is a nice wall mounted shoe rack from J-Me that allows your shoes to float above the floor. I’m not so sure that this piece would work with pointy lady shoes, though. I also thought the photo-coat rack was a cute idea. It would be fun in an elementary class room.

Via swissmiss.